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Endless Dream: Episode 1

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I hope you enjoy the first episode of Endless Dream.

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THE SOUNDTRACK WAS HORRIBLE,but overall it was ok

i dunno that's just my opinion, but trance isn't my type of music, and the graphics were a bit of.... but overall it was ok ^^


I couldn't understand half of the shit you said in that flash because I refuse to read things that are gramatically incorrect. Do yourself a favor and stop skipping your fucking English classes at school.

Wait.... was that... who i thought it was...

Dude... that was so Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia.... you didn't even bother to change his hair or shirt colors... *rolleyes*... common lets be original??

I guess it might have been good

But I mean, when the entire flash basicly revolves around the text on the screen, I should think that you would pay a little bit more attention at least to the spelling and the context, they were awful! I cant even type an example because I dont know how badly you did it, it was way outta line though. So basically next time concentrate more on the wording, especially in a flash that is completely built on a repeating song and text. With crudely drawn characters 3/5

I can't say I liked it too much...

As a fan of that series I'd like to suggest that you do a flash about a series that... Takes a lot less responsibility to do and do well