Donkey Kong Country 1½

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DK and all the Kongs are off to celebrate King K.Rool's death, or so they think! This Donkey Kong Country parody takes place right after the first game. King K.Rool is back and he is seeking revenge on the Kongs. Please visit my website for more! www.enjoythemovie.net


Really well done

I'm a huge Donkey Kong fan, and this movie is the best DK parody tribute I've ever seen. Truly enjoyable with wonderful voice acting. My only gribe is the limited animation, but even then it doesn't hurt the movie that much. Nobody ever seems to make flash movies of DK, this was wonderfully refreshing.


so thats why I havent seen any dk games that do not suck.


Ok i just whanna say that u gotta keep making these donky kong vidios im pissed that nintendo 64 is gone pretty much and i loved the dk series. just make the fighting and some other scenes better and u will get more ppl likeing ur vidios. Great job and i sujuest that u make a pre loading game or somthing just work on those things and it'll be better.


This was funny as hell but the funniest part were when they were talking about the codes and why they were even in the fucking cartoon.

two words....awesome

Awesome moviie...graphics and audio were awesome! Hilarious movieas well. You shout show their necks snapping when they get jumped on. You got one little thing wrong though...microsoft doesn't own rare. Microsoft and Nintendo have a joint ownership with it...they both share it.

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4.02 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2005
7:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody