TooF 7 (fake)

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Well if you are deleting movies called TooF i figure it is quicker this way than just calling it deleterxo01


that was disgusting

if you are going to make a flash in sympathy for an incident like the Toronto plane crash, don't just draw a bunch of random shit with your group tag on it scrolling across the screen

that was horrible, and in no way did that show honor or sympathy for those who suffered in the crash

the only reason this flash was made was to advertise the glock group...

by the way, no one died in that plane crash DUMBASSES
the song choice sucked too

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rexCo responds:



Look, the Toronto plane crash wasn't even worth worrying about. I'm Canadian, so I think I get a say in that. And even so, this was so pointless i cant even discribe it. A series of random images with the same gun pasted on them, then a "request for silence" while BNL plays overtop? Jesus. You should go to hell just for thinking this was a good idea.

rexCo responds:

Flash by Soup48:
- none -


Hi, I didn't watch this because it's 4 in the morning and I'm tired.
But I live near Toronto and I know that everyone survived.
There weren't any casualties!
Have a nice day.

rexCo responds:

I should hope that you voted the fifen.

Well you got them !

You did a great job of pissing off a lot of small minded people who were ready to dig the holes for the survivors, pitty that they dug there own holes for not seeing the humor. Only goes to prove that once an A...Hole puts it in print they just jump with both feet kicking and screaming . A+ for the music.

rexCo responds:



Everyone survived the plane crash. Check the news before you post flashes about dead people!

rexCo responds:

Corporate media? ya right! uguguguguguugugugugug

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1.33 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2005
6:42 PM EDT
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