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A multiplayer game.

Choose the number of players to compete, fill in their names, use options to disable wind if necessary.

Left key and Right key rotates the gun's angle, once pressed SPACE the shot will charge. The longer the charge is, the stroger the bomb goes. Release SPACE to fire the shot.

Select Mega bomb to inflict more damage, or Teleport to reappear somewhere else.
Use the orange mark on the power gauge to know what strength was your last shot.
Try to hit opposite players with a height bonus or aroun the world bonus!

Any bugs or tips report to me!

Enjoy! =)

I've read through your comments and they really helped.
I'm now working on a way to add an option for an NPC player.
I'll add more weapons, I just need ideas.
Heh, if you want, I can add a power limit, but where's the fun in that? =)

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To call this Scorched earth...

Time to change your title...

If any one wants to play the original earth scorch.

Go to

www.google.com Type in the search box " Dos Download games" The rest you can figure out.

Just make sure you download a program that lets you play dos games.

Not an accurate clone

Isn't that an understatement? The original was a game about options, different weapons, terrain, etc. I wouldn't call this Scorched Earth for the life of me.

In any case to be more true to the original lose the fancy reaction-time power meter, it's just silly.


you have ruined my favorite old school game.


you could put a nuke to bomb or an airstrike

thanks for ruining my favorite old school game

yeah, summary says it all, thank you very much for ruining my favorite old school DOS game of all time Scorched Earth, you're missing nearly everything that made the original fun (also this is a rip off of scorched earth, not artillery duel, as the name implies), when you put back the economy options, AI players, some odd 200+ weapons, the ability to actually buy weapons on the first round, and everything else including being able to set the wind, air viscosity, wall type, the 8 different AI personalities that the original had for computer tanks, the gas to drive around the field, the K button (for when your friends try to make your move for you, shows a screen saying no kibitzing, otherwise known as the STFU screen), the death's head, the mirv, the weapons that put back ground besides just removing it (good way to kill the idiot type computer tank, heavy dirt ball straight at it, so he shoots himself), the all 5 types of shield including probably the best one the heavy mag shield (not meant to actually be hit, bullet is pushed up when being above these, but will take small damages too), the over 10 different tank types you could select, including a few that were stationary so gas didn't let you drive.

basically, it seems like you've shat out a half arsed version of one of the greatest games ever since seeing it for a nano second on a friend's screen.

if the original game wasn't released as abandonware by now, i'd send them an email about your theft of a game that's incredibly horrible based on your slack jawed impressions of the real game.

0 of 10 from me, thanks for killing nostalgia.

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2005
6:55 AM EDT
Strategy - Artillery