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HALF LIFE2 - Blow Me Away

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update: OMFG frontpage!?!? thanks!!!


warning! contain spoilers!!

A music video i made about the game HALF-LIFE2.
The song name is "Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away",great band :).
The clip show some scenes and characters from this great game, if you didn't played it you'll probably will not understand what going on in this clip (don't rate low because of it, please)
Reviews are we
lcome, enjoy.


The flash equivalent of 'Showgirls'

I thought I would never find it, and now I have: a movie that made me laugh the whole way through. Please tell me you didn't do this as a serious homage. Because then I'd have to kill myself.

Initially this was just a piece of unoriginal, poorly-drawn, shoddily-animated crap. But as time went on it transformed into a true classic of absolute fecal matter. Let's summarize.

- The graphics, when good, are repetitive and one-dimensional.
- When bad, they are simply laughable. Let's take the red barn. I love that red barn. I know every facet of it. You have turned it into a hexagonal blob of colour above a non-animated stream.
- The animation is stupid. Not bad, just stupid. This creator fails to recognise the difference between believable 'movement' and simple 'transit.' To recap: movement is in real life and GOOD flash movies. Transit is what you do.
- I especially loved the waye the combine soldier's shotgun recoils BEFORE it fires, and the muzzle flash comes from where it USED to be.
- The antlion pwning the soldier. That animation was ripped directly from AdventureQuest and hasn't improved with the transition.
- The rebel vs. combine shootout. You've mirror-imaged it. Very clever. Unfortunately those of us with half a brain have an advantage over you and can spot your pathetic efforts.
- Some scenes just make no sense. The rollermine? What the HELL.
- It took me a while to recognise the fact those two combine were 'pointing pistols' at me. Putting a barrel in the middle of their chest and drawing lines to it from their shoulders does not a weapon make.
- Explosions look pansy.
- Dr Breen, one of the greatest videogame villains EVAR, looks like an idiot.
- The G-Man cocking his eyebrow. Fitted well with the 'humourous mockery' theme of the movie. Oh wait, IT WAS A HOMAGE, and a character even better than Dr Breen has been made to look like an absolute fool.
- Blow Me Away is a great song, I don't care what game it's from, I love both sequels equally. It was the only good thing about this movie.

In closing, you have defiled a brilliant game and a great song with your haphazard piece of undesired comical excellence. Well done. Please do not make Flash ever again.

Not so good.

The song was ok but sence it was from halo 2 on a half life game jus kills it the graphics were terrible and when G-man did that little eyebrow thing just makes the whole thing horrible i would of givin a better reveiw if you used a capture card and made G-man straiten his tie like you allways see him do that would of been the best movie ever oh and you could have made it a half-life song


You shouldn't have said it was from halo. Then I wouldn't have blammed it.

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4.18 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2005
3:24 AM EDT
Music Video