HALF LIFE2 - Blow Me Away

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warning! contain spoilers!!

A music video i made about the game HALF-LIFE2.
The song name is "Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away",great band :).
The clip show some scenes and characters from this great game, if you didn't played it you'll probably will not understand what going on in this clip (don't rate low because of it, please)
Reviews are we
lcome, enjoy.


Great Drawing, Not too great animating

Song, and everything was a perfect blend. The drawings, backgrounds I am sure took you a hell lot of effort. And being a HL2 fan all the way I must say I loved seeing someone put the game into flash with excellent drawings.

However, you really need to work on animating what you draw man. Most action that was going on was left to right tweens or fading out tweens. Things passing by is not enough action. All the compound soldiers did were to stand around.

Everyone just "stood" actually. Work on animating them and you'll get a perfect 5 from me. With all your effort on this I gave you a 4 and that's because you weren't lazy and you actually drew all that shit.

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Well done!

I recognized every single shot from the game. You did an excellent job re-creating the most memorable moments. And I've never seen the G-man in such a good mood. LOL


Pretty good animation and graphics but the music just ruin it cause its HALO 2.... it just dosent fit the thing at all. makes it all kinda chaotic

Sweet Memories...

that WAS a trip down Memory Lane for me.

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Very Well Done

I watched your video and loved it.

I cannot see how the guy before ripped into it so much. You must have put a lot of effort into drawing a lot of that, making transitional effects to get the backgrounds actually looking right, like the tower moving behind the tv-pillar, that alone can stump the amateurs that jerk made you sound to be.

Don't let him get you down, this is a beautiful video, Halo 2 song or not it is perfectly alright to use, and it fits very well. Granted some things could use improving, but I couldn't do better then this video.

The music and sound were very well done, co-existing pretty well I deducted one point because wasn't perfect, but who is :) I looked at the parts the other guy mentioned, and all of it is bs. You did a great job and keep up the great work!

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Aug 2, 2005
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