Zombie Horde!!

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new control system! check the In-Game Instructions
basically ASDW in place of arrow keys
and R to reload
(original controls still apply as well)
**if it has v.1.3 it's the new version**

this game was made entirely from scratch, my own engine as well. the gameplay was roughly based on the 'defend your castle' game. if you make it to level 50, you'll see something new.

it's my first totally completed game. i've made others, but never finished because i ran into scripting issues, time constraints, lack of ideas, etc.

much much more to come though



The game was great! =D Spiders die with one hit with the flame thrower it will die like 3 seconds after the hit

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A very addicting game. You could have made the rockets a bit cheaper. By round 24 I found a lot of spiders, and met the new black ones with fire. I could not take them all out. I figured out useing the nuke doesn't kill spiders. I could not take out 5 spiders at the same time. Every round got harder and harder. I had to keep using a lot of bullets wich made my income drop. Basically drop the prices for the expensive guns like the flamethrower and rockets. The flwmethrower isn't that much helpful. It would allow the zombies to keep coming and dying at a steady pace, and then die. It wasn't that useful. I never shot a rocket because they were 2500 for 5. By round 20 you recieve about 2200 dollars a round. And you still have to buy items. It's best to use brick until birds. On birds use pistol. After you recieve enough money buy only 5 clips for the rilfe. It's useful at fst coming zombies. Use the pistol to take out zombies at close quarters. You never know when I spider might drop in so it's best to buy 5 clips of shotty around round 15. It takes a whole clip to kill a spider. That's why it got hard at round 24. There were 4 spiders on me and nukes didn't help. Alsways try to store 1 nuke when you're at roundn 15 too. A big guy might pop.




Nice zombie game but it would be better to make it after your shack gets busted up you can defend yourself by walking around or running to another persons shack

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painisenjoyment responds:

no. no it wouldn't.

pretty good game

lol defence game too

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3.88 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2005
3:05 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed