Zombie Horde!!

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new control system! check the In-Game Instructions
basically ASDW in place of arrow keys
and R to reload
(original controls still apply as well)
**if it has v.1.3 it's the new version**

this game was made entirely from scratch, my own engine as well. the gameplay was roughly based on the 'defend your castle' game. if you make it to level 50, you'll see something new.

it's my first totally completed game. i've made others, but never finished because i ran into scripting issues, time constraints, lack of ideas, etc.

much much more to come though



I'd play again, i just died at the first big guy, i ran outta ammo, but its
5 a.m. I hope you make more like this


really good game there should be more like that

here are the bugs/problems:

first of all. say you have 4 clips and 7 rounds on ur pistol and you reload.

you'll be at 3 clips with 8 rounds. so basically you just threw away 7 rounds by reloading. you need to alter this. this is a logic error in your programming. you could argue this is more realistic but since this is different from the way all other games do it, it's crap. please fix it.

interface issue:

it's unintuitive to press down to cycle through powerups and up to select it. it should be: up and down to cycle through it and some other key to select it.

painisenjoyment responds:

there are a few other shooting games with my reloading logic, and i happen to like it.

and shift was originally the key to use powerups, but you had to break your pinkie to reach it. and control just felt weird to me. next game will have ASDW and shift, along with up,down,left,right like this one. so you can either use basic controls, or the new ones

great game

I always thoght bricks would be a good thing to use agenst zombies but guns are good to

best of the zombie hordes.

the last two zombie hordes were kinda crappy this one stands out compared to the others. Hope you make more like this.

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Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2005
3:05 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed