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Halo: Pramape 343GS

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First off, have fun.

The third installment of this movie is out. See my other submissions for Pramape AotCR!

Down is some (spoiler) comment that explains one of the jokes to the non-Halo players, so they understand the movie a little more.

This is my first movie that has reached front page! I still thank those who helped the movie get this far!

I changed one of the scenes I felt was boring, so now you can see the hazards of playing with fireworks.

And of course to all of you who didn't like it, thanks for telling why (if you didn't tell why, no thanks go to you).

Next time when (or better yet, if) I make a Halo movie the sprites will be no more. And the humor... Well that stays, because that was mainly why it became such a success.

I intentionally made Master Chief blue here.

This movie has two purposes.
The primary goal is practice. I have a big story in mind that would take a very large amount of episodes. I'm not already saying it's gonna be there, but I still need some practice before I try making it.
The secondary goal is entertainment. I want to make people laugh about this level, which is hated by some, but also loved by others, because it gives the big twist to the story of the game.
And now, both goals have been reached.

I have been working on this movie for a few days, but lots of effort also lies in the work I did before that. For example, I created all parts of Masterchief and I cleaned up the spritesheet that I used to make this movie (the spritesheet was a bad quality jpg file and all I had was MS Paint).
I still have the feeling I need to fix some things, but I'm submitting this anyway. I have been busy fixing this and adding new stuff for too long, so I just had to draw the line somewhere.

Some jokes may not be understandable by non-Halo knowers, so keep in mind that if you don't know Halo, it's best to judge the movie on it's other ratings (technical stuff: graphics, sound etc.) else you might look stupid when people see your review.

Pramape means PRActice MAkes PErfect, for those interested.

I get reviews with people responding in a negative way towards the monty python scene. To the non-Halo knowers I would like to point out that the flood in the game acts the same way as the Black Knight in the Holy Grail. You can shoot their arm off, but they keep attacking you. You can shoot both arms and they still follow you. (Of course after a good amount of bullets they die.) So I didn't put in the Black Knight scene so people would say "w00t monty python", I put it in because the Black Knight looks so much like the flood in Halo.

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It wasn't too... awesome... I loved the part with guilty spark! XD LOL!

i liked ur other ones, but you realy could have done better on this

liked it

it rymes alot if you notice but it was great

I added it to my favorites

That was hellarious. You should make a longer one or a sequel or something. I esspecially like the part from Monty Python's quest for the holy grail. XD


i love all three of them but the best part is the monty python bit