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after over a year away from flash, last night i decided to take a few hours of my time to bring you this immature film.
While saving this animation onto my computer, it fucked up so i had to do 3/4 of the movie over again

EDIT: Sorry i couldn't supply a preloader but i dont know how to make one and the NG one is for flash mx not flash mx 2k4 pro

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Hate Birds

Damn... the is the most ironic revenge I have ever seen...

dRUnkEnApE responds:


Red bull gives you wings!

I bet that sounds fimillar, since that's how you got the idea from. You know, when a bird poops on a guy, and then he takes out a can of red bull and grows some rings...Everyone knows what i'm talking about right?

2 for the price of one

I got a protect point and I got a good laugh thanks and have a great day!

dRUnkEnApE responds:

thank you my good sir


It was OK, but nothing to interesting. I gave ya extra points for using Bungle though.

'A wee too long'

The animation was decent and I did enjoy some of the humour presented.

There are some things that I feel were a little off, however.

My first gripe is that the guy pees just too long... After about seven seconds I began to feel sorry for the bird as the pee was getting really excessive. I almost feel as if you made it so long simply for duration.

The second thing that caught my eye was that piece of poop at the bottom of the screen that remained even after the animation was over. You may have purposely added that though so I'll leave it be.

GL on future animations.

dRUnkEnApE responds:

Yea the pee thing was slower but last night it fucked up while saving. the chase was a little longer so when he started peeing, mike patton was already singing

and i never spotted the extra poo you're talking about