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July In Review

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Author Comments

This is a summary fo the month of July in Iraq...

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I am crying

Oh god....*Sobs* This was needed, very needed, very sad, it conveys the War is wrong message...


this flash is really sad but i am from holland so i never had this things

it made me cry

it,its the truth,it really did make me cry,my unkle was in iraq,i worried about him everyday,thankyou for helping me understand whats going on in the world,IF YOU TRY TO BLAM IT THEN GO TO HELL!!!!!

Well.....whats new

hey peace take a look at some statistics would ya we have lost less people in this war than any other war ever...not counting the gulf storm because we pussied out and didnt finish the job...im not sure what the totals are now but i know that not to long ago about 1/3 of our deaths were friendy fire and accidents....and the iraquis...mabey this will open up their eyes to see that we are there to help them and not to rule them, eventhough the vast majority already have realized this, i was watching a show with a iraqi professor and he said that most iraqis dont trust us because we backed out in the first war...thank the u.n. I have 4 family members over there right now and 2 that have already come back I think you should talk to a vet of this war....90% say that we are doing the right thing and have no regrets... war will never stop it will be the dead end of the path we have chosen.

peacetakescourage responds:

that's because 90% of vets who actually fought in war... and went through combat... AREN'T ALIVE ANYMORE
my grandfather was a 1st lieutenant in the 101st airborne division (screaming eagles) in vietnam... and he an everyone else i know that fought in major combat.. are very anti war... yes.. not as many have died in this war... YET
that's why we want it to end before it happens... conditions there are only getting worse


I really cant give you a high score for this (even though i dont think you were going for one) but i have to agree with kouldbayne, because i think that this war needed to happen and with all wars there will be people that die its just a factor of war.... I like the saying freedon isn't free because its true.... we have to give up something in order to be safe in our country and thats true in other countries..... I also think that if you were sent to iraq you would have a little bit of a different oppion.....

peacetakescourage responds:

if i was sent to war i would have an even stronger opinion... my uncle has been to iraq twice and afghanistan once... he has a very different opinion of george w. bush now...
also... how did iraq pose a threat to the American public.. and what did they have to do with our freedom?
The bombings in london were a RESULT OF THE IRAQ WAR...

you're right about one thing.. i wasn't aiming for a high score and i didn't think i would get one... the point of this was to show what happened in Iraq in the month of July....

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2.40 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2005
7:32 PM EDT