The GlockGroup is dead

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the glock group is gay


Oh my god,\not another Glock Movie!

If I'm honest, this was kinda funny. Strangely.

Thank goodness that they didn't include my review in this. Ow wait, now that I've said it I'm probably going to be included. That's life.

Anyhow, all other things aside, this sucked as always. Please, mock yourselves some more, because when you say that the Glock Group is a fine establishment, you make me laugh beyond boundaries.

I curse Swedish Fish on you.

Dude what the heck

What the he double l is this even supposed to be...something to watch while your drugged up or something because I hate it...and the clocks and locks too...its crappier than ebaum himself....jeez make something good...some of these videos have very very very very good work in them just change it to something else, DONT USE ANY MORE CLOCKS,LOCKS,OR GLOCKS...COME ON GUYS!!!!!

i ask how this got so many good votes yet was bad

i laugh at this not at this not becuse its funy becus its puthetick


Glock Group, you just spit on all of NG with this crap - you made fun of four different users and showcased them - well guess what - it's too bad this will pass - cause this was terrible - the graphics, sound, and style stunk and it wasn't funny. I hope never to see another "GlockGroup" submission again.

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if ur making another ill give u a good one

This is how i feel about your carp. You should have ur computer set on fire so u cant make more crap, launced out of a cannon in case it doesnt break and the cannons aimed at ur head. i hope u die of natrural causes
The dude that 14 years old and has shit that is better than ull ever be

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Aug 1, 2005
7:04 PM EDT
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