The GlockGroup is dead

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the glock group is gay


Dude what the heck

What the he double l is this even supposed to be...something to watch while your drugged up or something because I hate it...and the clocks and locks too...its crappier than ebaum himself....jeez make something good...some of these videos have very very very very good work in them just change it to something else, DONT USE ANY MORE CLOCKS,LOCKS,OR GLOCKS...COME ON GUYS!!!!!


this was probably the best yet all the others suck and the flash sucks to but the hugepeepeeplace thing was funny.


laughing quietly to myself on most and then I laughed my ass of at pumpkin glock's video! Hugepeepeeplace must have one fat ass to fit a traffic cone in it!

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why does everyone hate the glock group? :(

that flash was great. pumpking glocks was the best though XD.
and to the person who reviewed this before me i guess you didn't understand the point they were trying to make.

good flash
4/5 ~Aon

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It was not bad

Raspberry Glock: yours wasn't really great with me and your animation sucked.

Mushroom Glock: It was starting off good but it kinda got weird at the end.

Pumpkin Glock: It was a execllent flash. You have skills and origanallity.

Sock Glock: No comment.

And to all the people that think all glocks suck, go to your roofs and jump off, n00b's

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Aug 1, 2005
7:04 PM EDT
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