Final Fantasy Sonic X:Ep4

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Final Fantasy Sonic X6 is out!

Sign up for the brawl tournament if your good enough.

To those who it may concern, I made tails look weak because a majority of sonic fans dont like tails, BUT i realized possible insults so i gave him a kick ass overdrive to use. So for those who said "Did you have to make tails look weak Be-ATCH" Obviously you did not use the overdrive. And if you only bitched about tails attack failing then dont bother reviewing

NOTE THE MINIGAME IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE! YOU CAN WIN! Just gotta be conservitave and have the right timing!

Enjoy Final Fantasy Sonic X 4


That was great!

I was kind of hoping Tails would do something kickass after getting...well, owned like 3 times. I also like the way you have the credits set up, so I can view the info I want to see at leisure.(mostly just the music.) I really enjoyed FFSX:4 just as much as the last 3, maybe even a bit more. You have failed to disappoint with this series and I look forward to the next one!

BlackDevilX responds:

Yea i decided to do the menu alil diffrently! glad u liked it!

Can't wait for this to be Drawn

Teh vero gives this 5 tiggers... yosh...
I hope this will soon be drawn and not sprited. I know any type of flash is dificult (I'm using a program thats a step down and all I cna accomplish is bad gifs XD)

but if you can draw this type of thing image how awesome it would freaking look!!

If I had a tablet and maybe the patience to draw each frame and your resources... I would be one lucky vero-chan!

The music and sound was good! A few pictures you used for the menu were a teeeeeny bit grainy... but the sound graphix and over flash blew me away!

I feel so proud to have help a teeny bit with photo shop... (-> prolyl didn't help at all but let her dream<-)
keep it up and I'll keep rooting for ya

BlackDevilX responds:

i dont think this is going to be drawn anytime soon! i need to practice first!

I liked it!

I thought it was a well done sprite movie. I liked the interactiveness of it. I haven't seen the previous episodes yet (I have a bad habit of watching sequels first) but it seems like it has a good plot.

BlackDevilX responds:

Thanx! Go check out the previous episodes!


Hey Blackdevil this rocked.
I especially loved the intro.Everything was so damn well synced with music and the animation went well.Though I was suprised to see mario thar XD.As I said before the sync was perfect : In Intro the text animation you made went really cool with the music ;)

Oh and about teh preloader game , well Its ok lol.And It really looks like its impossible.But sicne you are still experiencing with AS Its ok ^^.I used to hate boring preloaders with nothing (I used to have 56k) so I love these kind of enjoyable preloaders.Thats why I always make my preloaders entertaning too.XD

Ok back to the real topic : the movie was cool - ý really like your style.The battle and everything was cool especially tails part rocked so much.But your FFSX movies are always being short but thats really reasonable since doing that battle part takes time

All those different kind of effects really added something to the movie.And I loved those effects from MK VS SF movie.I should use those too :P

Anyway take care of yourself.Hope to see the rest of the series soon.And I really hope you can win that daily feature.It deserves.

Well.I'm out ^^


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BlackDevilX responds:

Thanks alot FZ. Im hoping that the next few episodes will turn out to be games since i can now really make games!

The Villain strikes back!

Aeon here! This animation was very well done, and the few months I've been waiting have been well worth it. I love the smoothness of the animation. And to all of you blammers out there: Could you guys go pick on somebody else, please? Slamming this movie with 0's is stupid. He put a lot of time into making this, and blamming it with 0's is pointless, because nothing about this movie deserves 0's. It doesn't matter if you do/do not like Sonic. Rate the movie for its quality, not your love/hate for the characters.

BlackDevilX responds:

Hiya aeon! Thanx alot buddeh! he made the aeon sprites! He rocks! Thank you ill keep using you sprites!

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