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Final Fantasy Sonic X:Ep4

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Final Fantasy Sonic X6 is out!

Sign up for the brawl tournament if your good enough.

To those who it may concern, I made tails look weak because a majority of sonic fans dont like tails, BUT i realized possible insults so i gave him a kick ass overdrive to use. So for those who said "Did you have to make tails look weak Be-ATCH" Obviously you did not use the overdrive. And if you only bitched about tails attack failing then dont bother reviewing

NOTE THE MINIGAME IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE! YOU CAN WIN! Just gotta be conservitave and have the right timing!

Enjoy Final Fantasy Sonic X 4

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omg such a nostalgia trip

The final cutscene had me good. Nice work for a decade old piece of project

What's the music in the Tails and Knux vs Aeon and Bass battle?

tails izzxcs meyyh mannhnh pllpl0x no tailsa dkjabad tails criciciiricri

^^^^ (obvious joke)

i beat the tails miningame and I am really happy!!! : D