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Iron man prank phone call

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wants to return his dog after two years because he thinks he's gay. Its pretty funny!



it was funny, and the robot's mouth movements were syncronized woth roy's voice, so you must have put some effort into it, but how about something a bit more original next time, or at least give the animation some more movement, instead of him talking on that couch, so that it wouldnt get so boring. maybe the next one will be better.

Maybe . . .

I only stuck around to watch it because I recognized it as Roy Mercer. A couple of ideas, Dont stick it with Ironman, thats just not right. An unoriginal idea would be to try to set it up like a Crank Yankers phone call, and then work into your own style from there. The iron man idea was original, but it didn't work too well in my head. Since it's Roy D. Mercer maybe you could try "rednecking" it up a little. Your work does have a lot of potential, and you should try to polish your style up a bit.


I stoped watchin it after 20 seconds...cause sucked horribly...

Not good enough

The voice was realistic along with the whole cartoon! Prank calls are supposed to be funny and offensive not truthful and/or deceptive.


It wasn't very funny, a little too serious to be funny...unless you're homophobic piece of shit, in which case you'll laugh at it so your friends don't think you support "them thar queers".

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1.78 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2005
1:16 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody