Pallid Fingers

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Scribblyhead and Oddface's visit to Red Robin goes wrong in this strange flash with Salad Finger parodies sprinkled here and there.
So if you haven't seen Salad Fingers, this may be even more strange to you.
I don't know why I made this, I'm working on 3 other flash projects, so this was spontaneous and I did it in one day, about 10 hours of work.


good things i noticed...

a very important thing when doing comedy is the pauses in between. These work very well. I like David Firth's flashes because they freak me out. Fascinates me in the same way a horror movie would.
However it is good that there is shown a more fun side of that dark world.

Best Salad fingers spoof yet. A sequel perhaps?

Now, after watching this movie, and reading about half the reviews, I had to write one myself, for two reasons:

1. This movie deserves praise.
2. there are too many retarded reviews made by fools who either have no intrest in the S.F series/haven't watched this entire movie through/have never seen salad fingers before watching this spoof.

Ok, first off, the praise. For having this done in a day, kudos. the animation is suited to the film, and the voices were perfect to the characters, all of which were funny. You did a good job maintaining the "WTF" factor (or original feel) that one gets when watching a Salad Fingers film.

Okay. Now for the chastizing. To all the reviewers who complemented the movie but trashed certain parts (I.E, "good movie, but take out everything to do with salad fingers and it'd be better" don't bother watching stuff like this, you wouldn't get it. And to all the people who called this boring, you can't jolly well click on this and expect a freakin DBZ knockoff action film thrown in your attention-defecit faces. And to those who watched the entire movie but blammed the film, you either have never seen salad fingers, or your sense of humour just dosen't reach the level needed to watch such material. And finally, to those who didn't bother to finish watching the film, and had the audacity to blam it anyways.. I say this: Don't bother wasting your time typing up anything to say in response if you can't even have enough respect (or enough of an attention span) to watch the whole film through, understand the jokes involved and even appriciate the film, to whatever extent. Beacause reviews like yours are like spam... Nobody likes it, and it has no value. In short it's obvoiusly way over your heads.

Once again, great job on this spoof and hope to see more of your work. Cheers!
- Dracore

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rtil responds:

Right on, I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm really glad you took the time to write that, and also that you enjoyed and understood the flash.
A sequel is on the way, so keep an eye out for it.

The rest of you, go watch DBZ. :P

Funny as hell...

Just funny as hell...god...it's so random..It's almost like you came from adult swim with the storyline and the voices.Just funny...plz make more with same characters!!!


wow you know for all the shit ratings you got i thaught it was pretty good... well ok the story was kinda piontless but then agian so are most salad finger movies any way i dnt care itwas cool =D

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This sucked.

Honestly, I understand why you would want to make a parody of salad fingers... I do, but this was crap. I should judge before watching it all, but I just couldn't take how horrible this is. I'm sorry for being so blunt, but you need to go with another angle. I have no patience for people like that, and I sure as hell don't have patience for this flash.

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Jul 31, 2005
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