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Pallid Fingers

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Scribblyhead and Oddface's visit to Red Robin goes wrong in this strange flash with Salad Finger parodies sprinkled here and there.
So if you haven't seen Salad Fingers, this may be even more strange to you.
I don't know why I made this, I'm working on 3 other flash projects, so this was spontaneous and I did it in one day, about 10 hours of work.


Good minus some other shit...

Well at the begining it was soooo boring, that guy that kept saying all those gangster things was just completely pointless. He annoyed me so much and it simply was not funny at all. I wanted so bad to close it because the begining was so bad, but you said I'm not allowed to vote unless I watch the entire thing so I did...

After they scoot over to salad fingers' world it got a little better I thought okay this flash is gonna redeam itself. But then the dialgue between those two characters starts up again and that IDIOT that says the random gangster stuff ruins it. The highlight of the flash was the end credits, I thought that was done pretty cool. But over all it's not very good. Oh yah the ART was done very well.

Very Good, however

I feel, a parody really works, if the thing your parodying takes itself too seriously. Salad Fingers does not take itself seriously at all. Films like Top Gun, are the perfect candidates to be parodied, and it was done so in Hot Shots. That worked very well.
Your idea was great, but the references to Salad Fingers werent really necessary. Salad fingers itself is meant to be a joke. Dont get me wrong though, I thought this was great and I like your art style. I'll look forward to your other projects.


It was great! Luv Salad Fingers too so it cannot be bad, but it was still great before Salad Fingers stuff so, I liked it!


I have to say, that was some straight up shit man! It was pretty awsome!


Well I liked it a bunch.I really like the part where his eye was bleeding and scribbly face was the only one that even noticed it enough to care and"whered you get those subtitles from" anyways if you made this in a day then you got talent and you could probably make very very good flashes if you wanted to

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3.97 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2005
11:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody