StarCraft FA 3

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Download my games here: http://dz2001.newgrounds.

***UPDATE 04.08.2K5
IMPORTANT: Stage-2: If you buy a new unit and already have 3 units installed on the side - it's icon wont be highlighted, this is not a BUG, u cant install more than 3 units per side, just remove the old one to install the new! Also if Fusion Power plant is not installed - tier-4 units will NOT BE HIGHLIGHTED!! I'm going to fix this thing so that you'll see a message saying why the icon is not highlighted!
***UPDATE 03.08.2K5
- I've fixed that "zergs close to the walls cant be hit problem", there are no enemies impossible to hit right now!
- Fixed Easy mode: now u get 3 land mines at stage-1 and u get 2 land mines and + 1 nuke at stage-2 !
***UPDATE 02.08.2K5
Wow!! Frontpage!!! Thanx 2 ng staff =)
I didn't wasted all the time I spend on this project after all =)
***UPDATE 01.08.2K5
1) You say some zergs cant be hit as they go too close to the wall - THIS IS NOT A BUG, you cant kill all of the enemies. The game was tested and balanced considering those, if u lose - read "why do i lose" topic in the HELP&FAQ section!
2) About the advanced menu: what u see when u enter this section is the seal! you need to know the right combination of runes to unlock it. (there are cheats behind it =)

Here is another starcraft based game =) I spend quite a lot of time on this one!
There are 9 unit types, 16 enemies (including the BIG boss in the end of stage 2); 2 stages, 18 wave per each and a secret menu with cheats =))
- This game requires at least 2Ghz CPU to play on high quality! If you have less than 1.5 Ghz dont bother trying!
- This flash resolution is 800x600 so i recommend 1152x864 screen resolution or at least 1024x768
- If you have any questions about the gameplay or keep losing all the time, go to HELP&FAQ section before asking me or writing about it in the review. I tried to explain all the features of gameplay there.
- This is a beta version. Though it had been tested by me and my friends I think that there are some bugs left.. so if u find bugs or errors, please, write in the review about it. I'll try to fix them.



this was well done

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the password

the pass word is omglolwtf

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Great game.

The game was good, but had many flaws.. couldnt choose which side to put fighters and machines. and you had to be stationary. the game LOOKS like starcraft. but not nearly as good

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Great game

This version is good. Version 5 is best.
There's two bugs in this.
1) Dragon don't fire at right time
2) "Pisonic Disruptor" when it fire, game runs slow and cut frames

Sorry about bad english

everything is great! except the interface -_-

the interface could've been better. like, only one panel for both buying units and installing them, instead of all that long process. Also this disabling/removing/firing click thingy could've been more practical as well.
And yeah, still trying to pass the ultralisk and I gotta confess, making it deal 14000 hp -certain mission fail- is a bit unfair >=/
But well, what can you expect from a Zerg lover? XD

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3.99 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2005
5:56 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)