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kegel: stopping for gas

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i had fun doing some foley work and straight animation on this one. relatively short episode. approx runtime 1 min 20 secs.


not bad

it lacks many very basic things like....a play button rather than just playing or.... good voices and decent backround music.
i also think that it shoudl have been faster. Like the time spent in the gas station could have been halved and you could have added maybe another skit or funny bit in there you knoe?
it just seemed like you were trying to fill spaces of time with well....chunks of blank animation and patchy sound.

Good, good.

I like it, pretty good animation. Keep it up!

Great stuff!

Hahahaha! Ah, god, that cracked me up.
I can relate to that; stopping for petrol with my sister is VERY similar.

how did kegal do that?!?!

make a kazoo out of a raisin box that is.


This was very good. Animation was excellent and the humor is very good. Your art skill is impressive and makes the backround and everything else look very nice. The characters are nicely animated and I liked the way the dog moved his eye when he eyed the sales guy. "Yeah? What do you have against rasains???". lol, that was beautiful. That look he gave him pwned. Awsome work man, this stuff is great. I hope to see more of Kegel. And I will be watching out for more. :)

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Credits & Info

3.97 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2005
4:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Original