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I made this over a year ago. Chavs are the British equivalent of 'wiggas' for all the Americans who may not understand what this is all about.

Hope you all like it. Thank you for all the feedback so far.

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I think the animation could have been better. It was still nice, because I like to learn about other cultures. It's weird how you call them "wiggas" but they're "rednecks" in the description. The song was fairly catchy. It just wasn't quite for me. British stuff is quite influential.

The girls looked like Muppets! It wasn't just the color, it was how they were drawn. It was fairly fun to listen to. I have never heard of a lot of this stuff before. It was educational like that.


the chavs are spot on in they're burberry

A great Brittish themed cartoon

I am impressed to see someone put in perspective on animation of what the most talked about styreotype in britain is.... Chavs(despite the fact i am from Scotland.

The Chav charecters are nicelly drawen, at its shape and facial features, its artistic style reminds me of the comic Beano (the Brittish Dennis the Menace) in which is most ideal for the artwork of this cartoon. The "Chav-ed" fashion of the charecters was well drawen with the track suits, and fake "bling". the chav in the strippy top needs more chaved decoration. but the artwork of the charecters was great with the addition of the Chav-ettes, Goths ect. it brings great urban brittish them to this cartoon.

The Backgrounds was all well drawen with the colour dullness of the buildings, and dull graphical cloudly less saturated coloured sky, all represents modern urban britain, in atmosphere of this cartoon. funny referrence of mac-dolnalds

The "Chaved- out" car is niclly drawen graphically and perspectivlly.

The Animation as well motioned for the facial features (eyes and lip sync). i think what you need to take more practice in is drawing the chav charecters in multi perspective views and make animated use of these features including the hands, and many positions of the fingers.

The Voices were well accented into the typical chav, which is a must for parodising the styreotype of all chavs, and had good rap lyrics, in a humourising way.

this featured a good hip hop beat in a deep broken tone to match the aggression of Chavs in rapping lyrics mode.

overall i am glad to see some animate in perspective the most common type of charecter in britain, and that is... chavs



This was crap. I couldn't understand what they were saying. Meybe some subtitles might help. Overall it wasn't good.

kinda random

lol not many reveiws for this submission i feel sorry for it
well i find it very offensive being a chav myself...
LOL yeah right like a chav would know how to spell offensive stupid dimwitted pieces of scum ah well without them there would be no chav jokes and where would that leave us i quite liked it although it laked somthing i dunno what but it needs improvement somhow.
im always way too kind in my ratings of things

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Jul 31, 2005
3:34 PM EDT
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