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The Holy Sabbath

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Jul 30, 2005 | 3:15 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place July 31, 2005

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  • Religion
    Religion Just don't talk about it at parties.

Author Comments

The premier episode of Peter Godly.

Peter teaches David an important lesson about Exodus 35:2 - With a .45 automatic.

2nd Episode available at



Rated 5 / 5 stars


what was the difference between that and a normal christian? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GO ATHIESTS


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


i have a couple things to say...
First off , i 'think' i understand your humor, and it is sad that too many people who claim to be christian don't even take into acount the principles of the bible, which is what Jesus encouraged, and isn't that what CHRISTianity is supposed to be about? Peter here completely ignores the principles that he so violently forces upon other, which him doing so violates those principles in the first place.

second off, just to make it clear to SpaceFalcon2001. Paul did not say to ignore the 'old testament'. Jesus set up a new comandment. He said that the jewish customs ruined the old law (much like Peter Godly here). Of course paul also said "all scripture is inspired and benefitial..." so the principles of the old testament still stand, but the actual law of it doesn't.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Lol.. after I saw the second one I was like, wtf? So I had to watch the first. I understand what the previous people are saying the movie. You will always have your extremist on both ends of the spectrum of politics and religion. I myself am a baptized Lutheran whose church likes to hang with the Synagogue down the street. But yet I'm still not that interested in christianity or any religion. History has made me ashamed to call myself a Christian and its for reasons like this. Just makes me sick of people... especially ones that think there is something wrong with me cause I draw a lot of werewolves and other horrific creatures and indifferent with religion. Everyone take a chill pill for once.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Right on

It looks like some people don't get your animation. There are many silly literalist christians out there who take each sentance of the bible literally, and ignore the rest of the book when it comes to following that sentance. Just like Peter here, you're only supposed to burn offerings in the temple, and the seventh day isn't sunday, nor can he just kill people for working on the sabbath regardless of what day he thinks it is, but did he take those parts of the bible into account? No!

Why else would a "good" christian woman be stupid and stone her child to death for saying a bad word to her? Yes this has actually happend on more than one occasion. Christians don't know what to do with the "Old Testament" which is why Paul tells them to just straight out ignore it.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Old Testiment teachings

I agree with the previous reviewer but I guess the Old Testiment is where a lot of misconceptions about christianity can be formed and put into comical situation.

The bible can be divided into 3 parts which is God the Father (Old Testiment), God the Son aka Jesus (The gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and God the Holy Spirit (all the books of the bible past Luke execpt Revelations). The reason why the Old Testiment is concidered God the Father is because it mostly deals with the Iserealites, which was God's choosen people and were like His children. Much like a good father, God tries to teach his children, but punishes them accordingly if they get out of line.

God the Son, or the Gospel is about Jesus, His purpose on earth, and His basic teaching which is love others as they WOULD/SHOULD have loved you. In other words don't seek revenge and always help others, even when they hate and hurt you.

God the Holy Spirit is about what moved people to go out and testify in God's name, even when their life was at stake because of it, to bring lost souls to Him through His Son Jesus' sacifice on the cross. One of the greatest of these people was Paul who wrote the bulk of the New Testiment. The books he writes are actually letters to different churches across the meterainian such as the church of Corinth (1st and 2nd Corithians), the church of Rome (Romans), and Thessolonians 1 and 2 just to name a few. He also writes 2 letters to his son, Timithy (1st and second Timithy), which are good books for those that are new christians or for those wanting an introduction to christianity.

The way the bible is suppost to be looked at is like this:

Old Testiment---------->Gospel of Jesus<---------Rest of the New Testiment besides revalations| Revalations

Jesus is the center point of the bible and is sandwiched in the middle. Revalations ties the whole bible together from Old Testiment to New Testiment by fulfilling all the covenants/promisses of God.

You probably already know that human sacrifices to God (thats with a capitol "G") are not tought in the bible. There were human sacrifices to pagan gods such as baal (in the book of judges I think).

I hope this helps others understand christianity a bit better and if your interested, go pick up a KJV Scofield study bible and read all the foot notes for a MUCH better understanding. Theres more then meets the eye when it comes to the bible and so you MUST study it to get the full meaning before going off on a whim of a misconception.