Flower Pot Man

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Watch the brief life of the Flower Pot Man!


that was funny

I did give this a 5 while it was in judgement. I showed it to my friend stephen and he gave it a 0. He thinks the sole purpose of you making this cartoon was to make fun of him. I think that means he doesnt like it then. I sure do

WigheadFilms responds:

Tell your friend stephen that he's a jerk!!

was he a tree???

dude he was a dicrace to the human race i glad he's dead i would have killed him myself if i ever saw him.....piss on him

WigheadFilms responds:


Violence shouldn't be funny.

I love violence as much as the next guy but, watching grow then drawn to death isn't funny. The poem at the start is cool though.

WigheadFilms responds:

i never said it was funny!!

What a sad sad tale?

Hahahaha. That was a very witty short, plus more funny than most of the animations I've seen on this website.

WigheadFilms responds:

what a cool cool review?

Now that is something.......

I don't know what I would call that but its a start. Keep it up.

WigheadFilms responds:

if by it you mean my mailbox flag then i will keep it up (until the postman comes and puts it down because hes taken the outgoing mail out)

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2.89 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2005
12:18 PM EDT
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