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Me Talking to Myself

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Author Comments

Flash #3
** As some ppl have been complaining about the graphics, I must say everything was done ith he mouse, so jusge it fairly!**
A black and white cartoon about art. Sorry for the bad recording and the even worse voice acting (it's hard! Give it a try!).
Wow, it's 6:30 in the morning here, I just can't believe I've finished it! I started this movie two days ago, as a side-project, and promised myself I would finish it that same night. But I couldn't. My next piece, Rushing Stars, is coming out soon! Check it out!
Reviews are highly apreciated! Thank you!



I really do like what the meaning of this movie was, art is something does differentiate from person to person and this it makes quite a bit of sense. Your graphical style is rather nice and quite calming. But the audio side of things dragged it down. It wasn't necessarily the quality but you put too much emphasis on the wrong part of some of the words. I don't mean to rag too much though, it was good just it needed a little work. Okay well that's all I have to say about that. Good job, keep it up.


I love the bit where he jumped backwards and shoth the guy in the face and was all like '''see you in Hell!!''

Dasneviano responds:

Well, I actually prefer that part when he found out his father was the bad guy!! :)

Funny, interesitinc and short lil flash

An interestinc little nipper, by far the most poetic one u created. On the animation side of things, its good, well sketched, atmospheric and effortlessly achieved, its got all the hallmarks of a good artist, its just a lil short animation about your personal randomness which is fair enough. I guess you're improving young one, I feel the force is getting stronger wiv u. trying to sound elequent with your brazilian-accent-english is quite amusing though... keep it up my cousin! I wanna see u getting an award!!!

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Dasneviano responds:

Eloquence is my name, Luke! Next time I'll try using your sexy booming voice. I bet I'll score much higher with that! Hehehe, thanks for reviewing and say hello to everyone there!


That's really true... You know, I've never looked at it that way before. The masterpiece of the sunset is the original idea of mothernature, which is truly the greatest artist ever. Other people can see the greatist artist as god, or possibly themselves for viewing the art. I mean think about it. We percieve what art is, so naturally we create art. And it's true. Anything can be art. Lately that idea has been hitting many people square in the face and it does get annoying when you see a line across a canvas and it supposedly means something.

When you judge art, you judge what you think art actually IS. The definition is of many, although in the dictionary I'm sure it only says one sentence. But I like your consept, its hard to get me to write a decent review without saying the word shit or fuck you which I just did... Oh well enough of my babbling. Enjoy the movie everyone!

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Dasneviano responds:

Hey, it's cool that you said this! I've been thinking about it too. Do viewers deserve to be called artists as well, since they re-create the piece? Lately I tend to admmit the line across the canvas is on the same level of "Stary Night", since both are equally meaningless without viewers (perhaps not the same lvl because Stary Night is beautiful to many people, and the line on the canvas is to only a few... but that's going too far!) Thanks for watching and keep writing intriguing reviews!:D

Very different.

This has to be one of the most beautifully done piece some ever see.
The thumb: Up!

...the other thumb: Also Up!

Dasneviano responds:

Hey, Thanks a lot for the nice words! I feel happy to have pleased people of so many different tastes. You seem to like exactly the opposite flash style I do (I took a look at your favorites :D ), but you nevertheless liked mine! All I can say is that I liked your review a lot!

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Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2005
5:38 AM EDT
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