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Me Talking to Myself

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Flash #3
** As some ppl have been complaining about the graphics, I must say everything was done ith he mouse, so jusge it fairly!**
A black and white cartoon about art. Sorry for the bad recording and the even worse voice acting (it's hard! Give it a try!).
Wow, it's 6:30 in the morning here, I just can't believe I've finished it! I started this movie two days ago, as a side-project, and promised myself I would finish it that same night. But I couldn't. My next piece, Rushing Stars, is coming out soon! Check it out!
Reviews are highly apreciated! Thank you!

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Interesting! (Though I don't agree)

Graphics a 6, sound a 6, concept an 8. Your voice acting could be better though i know it IS hard. Your style is quite good, even though you draw with a mouse.

About your point, though: a sunset in my view is NOT art. What we admire when we admire art is the ability of the artist to picture an end result in hir mind and then make the piece approach that result in a masterful way. In short, we admire the plan behind the piece and the ability to carry out that plan.

There is no plan behind a sunset, or behind a tree. At least, I don't believe there is. They are put together by random events: clouds, water vapour, a sun spinning in the universe. Or leaves, and then soil, and the wind. We can find theend result beautiful, but they are not art. There is no mastermind behind the result.

Now make something that continues your thoughts!

You said it!

Ah... So true... so true.
I would have said that God is the master artist (being the religious Stump-jumper that I am) but it the point is is just as effective.
-A beauti-stat.
I love it!

Dasneviano responds:

Hey, thanks a lot! Good to see you actually took the time to check out my movies (assuming I'm not wrong and you found me on the cereal box thread!)

It wa good.

I loved what it was about. Nature IS gorgeous and wonderful, but, I don't think the sound was as good as it could have been. The graphics were alright, but the arms. That's the only thing that kind of bugged me. They are either too low on the body , and sometimes they are too small, and other times they even go straight up, and there is no bend for the elbow. But other then arms and sound, it was a great flash - love the beauty meter.

Picture perfect

I liked the direction you had on what art can be. Yes nature is the greatest artist that it has no style, merely creation and foundation on which it builds a landscape of beatiful scenary. The animations in this were well done, they gave a nice graphic feel to it and helped bring out art directions from the story. We can see two parts to ourselves, always. There is the side that is most talented, in it is perfection and a will to progress while our other side is the exact opposite in every way it takes to do the least ammount of whats needed. Who should we choose, what shall you choose. It is our choice that makes the decision absolute. In ourselves is a gift tha we can water to build up into a magnificient work of art or let it die. Your gift has shined through this animation in an intellectual and beaituful concept. I am glad to see someone has come to realise that.

Very Nice

I liked this a lot it had a lot of meaning to it. The animations was fair. I like the aproach you went for on the drawings styles, but I don't feel you achieved it on the characters I don't know, but there was something missing. Well anyway the plot was very good althought doesn't fit the title very good and powerful.
Where is that Rushing Star you were talking about? I can't wait.
I hope to see you continue your flash making and I can't wait to review them.

Dasneviano responds:

Eeeeee! Thanks a lot!! Even though this is my flash that more people liked and said good thigs about, and bookmarked and everything, I haven't been able to watch it again since the day I uploaded it! I know what you mean when you said I didn't achieve it, i feel it too.
Rushing Stars is like 90% done!! Should be ready by he end of next month!! :D