Nature In All Its Glory

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This was originally made for the 5 Shades of Brown Collab. I am just submitting it now becuase I wanted to touch it up and make it perfect before submitting.
This movie would have been featured in the collab if there was no file size issue.
The movie is also about a mans journey to find out about himself, and what life means to him.



Your art was beautifful, the music was cool and the story was rather funny from my pint of view (gaha, moose ^-^). The only thing that wasn't really good was your animation. It looked as if you drew beautifful backgrounds, and then got lazy and quickly made some 'rather bad turorial animations'.

For the rest, excellent job :D

Interesting and beautiful

Wow, this entry surely made me think. Very well thought out and written, and I love the way the content gets presented with style. The drawings are beautiful and emotional, and your mouse-drawing talentsmakes me jealous. The voices were a bit scurry, but the subtitles made up for that. Great and deep movie. Keep up the good work.

JorNcar responds:

well thanks for the nice comments... but one thing... there were no subtitles and there were no voices :P... (wrong movie?)


The graphics weren't fantastic, nor the animation, nor the sound.
I didn't really get the significance of it all either.


glad you submitted!

im happy you decided to submit ^_^ im too much of a coward to submit mine.. it would probably be blammed though, it wasnt so good in the first place eh? o well, and congratz on the high rating!

JorNcar responds:

thanks... you should still try and submit yours though.. no matter how good or bad it is. take some time and touch it up.

it was good.

this is a good movie if your into weird stuff

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3.87 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2005
8:55 PM EDT