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...is my love. so I made this up.
this is a silent hill 2 spoof and contains a lot of spoilers.
it was planned to make a spoof of all three parts of the series. but I never finished the flash file. so you can only click the option 'silent hill 2'.


greetings to all members of the SHF!


Not impressed...

Where do I begin?

First of, why do you have two extra buttons, if they are of no use at all? And frankly, it isn't the best animation, I've seen...

I don't really think, it would be worth calling it a spoof, since it had little, if any, relevance of the source material, say the Silent Hill games. I am a big fan myself, and I were not amused. I'm sorry...

I still think though, if you worked really hard on your future projects and put some more efford in it, you might have a fair chance...

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It was kind of funny, the animation was terrible though. And why didn't you finish the title screen that's just plain lazy!!!


That was the biggest piece of crap on new grounds, and the animation was horrible. Work on your animation, and your voice actors.

Just a shame...

This was really bad. Bad animation, not even funny, this is bad in all of there is to be bad.

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Not bad

From someone tht has actually played Silent Hill 2 tht woz quite funny, I liked the way u made James out to be some kind of retard becoz he woz sorta like tht in the game wiv his tone of voice and by the way he seemed to be physically strong rather than being particularly intelligent.

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Jul 29, 2005
6:01 PM EDT
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