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A short movie introducing BeatnikClock. If you enjoy rants involving the French and Louis Armstrong, this is the movie for you. If you like to say "dis s**t iz da r0xx0rz, j00!!" then you're in the wrong place.




That was really great! One of the best intro clock flashes I've ever seen. Good jokes, good music, good set 'n' stuff. Only negative thing I saw was a minor sync problem, but nothing compared to the issues I've had with synchronization. lol
Anywayz, excellent job!

BeatnikClock responds:

Yeah I think I made the background a little too complicated what with a mildly detailed set and about four movie clips. Oh well, I can take those things into consideration when I make longer movies.

live, fivened

I love you, you cheese-eating surrender monkey. I take it you've had another name, this is too good to be a first submission

Make more flash or I will be forced to horribly murder your family

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BeatnikClock responds:

This is actually my first submission. I´ve just been practicing for a good while now. I have a movie in the works, I´m sure you´ll be pleased to hear. Thank you kindly.


usually I hate the clock bs but I actually liked this one ^^

pretty cool :)

lol the scat thing was funny and this flash actually pulled off the computer voice dealie ok

BeatnikClock responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. The beta testers enjoyed the scat part too. So I think that´s the most popular part.

Oh yes...

Its been awhile since I've seen a clock movie (I've fallen out of the Newgrounds bit for awhile) but its good to see that there are still some clocks making flash. Complete random humor. Nothing can beat it whatsoever. Very nice graphics, and you cant beat the computer generated voices. Good job on this one. Enjoy the 5 and keep it random.

BeatnikClock responds:

Thank you very much! <3



BeatnikClock responds:

I don't know what you're talking about.

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3.64 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2005
3:46 PM EDT
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