Pokemon: The movie!

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Finally it is complete after 1 year of work!




Yeah one year to make a piece of shit. I know I am like six years late writing this review but you wasted 365 day of your life and multiply that by 5 because of the 5 authors and that 1825 days wasted. Dude or whatever you are that is 5 years wasted you wasted my time writing this review. I normally don't waste my time writing bad reviews but this sucked some major balls. I humored you and watched all the videos... Should of went with my gut as soon as I saw the first video and turned off my computer go to my room and cry myself to sleep. I wouldn't even recommend this to my four year old cousin that likes pretty colors, music, and shit that just doesn't make sense. I figured it out though and I'm sorry the only people you can entertain are kids ages 4-7. Seriously there is no reason for this to suck so bad. Now every time i think of pokemon i have to think of this. Thanks for scarring me for life. And people like you is why my username is neverunderstoodyou. Oh for anyone who reads the reviews before watching... turn back now and remember to cherish the two to three min. of your life you did not just waste. unless you are a slow reader, if thats the case your retarded self can go on ahead and watch this, the colors should make you happy.
Love neverunderstoodyou

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i don't realy get this but anyway good job

i didn't know how to get to the movie then when i got there my friend messaged me back like magic thanks for my time waiting !


that just blew my mind man that was like holy shit i mean like wow wtf im baked lol


I thought the best part was when it loaded i laughed so much compared to the rest

But seriously make a different type of flash

well this was....

amzing....it was actually funny with the featus thingie but still you got a 3....

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1.10 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2005
10:39 PM EDT