6 Feet Under

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hey how's it going?
cigarette? no?
you're right this could kill you...
But I prefer this than a gun to the head It's slow acting, but it get the job done. What I'm about to show you is a story about a man's pain that can only be hammered down with guns and bullets.
You should sit down for this.
This might hurt a bit.

4th place! thanks for the support!


nice work

i thought it was great just needed i little more. i hope your next one will have more action . nice story line too

Its good....

...hopefully it will have a good follow up.

Hmm... Pretty good.

Some of it was a bit choppy and sloppy, but the plot was pretty good. Good one!

I love it.

First off I gotta say, I love how people generalize. "This is shitty emo stuff" Not really.

More over that statement, the graphics I must say were very well drawn. Everything ran smoothly...well the rain was a little etchy but I've yet to see a good rain.

Aside from that the plot, the plot the plot the plot. That's what everyone hates - if they hate this flash - and I really don't know why. To me it's perfect, I'm confused. And now I just want to watch more and more of it.

You're getting my first 10 in a long time. Only movies that show effort and that the animator has a heart can get those from me, it's like getting my hair to pull your teeth out.

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Maybe you should start!

I like the story line I'm starting to see with these. I'm looking forward to 8 feet under.

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3.78 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2005
8:10 PM EDT