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Well, I've never seen a Piclownjew flash befre. That being said, you could've at least warned me abotu his voice, and by voice I mean garbled screaming. That actually hurt a bit. This flash wasn't all that terrible, as the first submission was okay. Random killing was fun to watch. The other two I didn't like at all, and much needs to be improved on those two. The third one could use a background as well.



no matter how bad this is

pll from the clock crew........... Go Suck Your B Letter and have sex with it cuz you need it to make more crap flashes on newgrounds


Its flash like this that makes the rest of the clockcrew look bad.

TruffleClock responds:

A serious young man found the conflicts of mid 20th Century America
confusing. He went to many people seeking a way of resolving within himself
the discords that troubled him, but he remained troubled.
One night in a
coffee house, a self-ordained Gug Master said to him, "go to the dilapidated
mansion you will find at this address which I have written down for you. Do
not speak to those who live there; you must remain silent until the moon
rises tomorrow night. Go to the large room on the right of the main
hallway, sit in the lotus position on top of the rubble in the northeast
corner, face the corner, and meditate."
He did just as the Gug Master
instructed. His meditation was frequently interrupted by worries. He
worried whether or not the rest of the plumbing fixtures would fall from the
second floor bathroom to join the pipes and other trash he was sitting on.
He worried how would he know when the moon rose on the next night. He
worried about what the people who walked through the room said about him.

His worrying and meditation were disturbed when, as if in a test of his
faith, ordure fell from the second floor onto him. At that time two people
walked into the room. The first asked the second who the man was sitting
there was. The second replied "Some say he is a holy man. Others say he is
a shithead."
Hearing this, the man was enlightened.

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2.14 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2005
12:58 AM EDT
Comedy - Original