Dad 'n Me

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Programming by Tom Fulp
Art by Dan Paladin

PRESS Q TO TOGGLE QUALITY. Some users may need to toggle it to 'low'.

A = light jab
S = heavy attack
arrows = walk

Experiment with the combo system to kill as efficiently as possible. Meet dad in the bad part of town.

I submitted this 30 minutes early AS A SPECIAL TREAT.


My fucking god!

Synj, you've done it again! This is possibly one the the most fun games EVER!

Infinite combo: A A A S S, then repeat. I killed the Mini-Boss, and End Boss with this without breaking the combo, and you can do it for longer than they have life XD

this is definately 1 of the best games on NG!

there is only 1 glitch that i found. on my 2nd time through when i got to the bully on the second screen i couldnt move my guy at all.
(and i thied clicking on the screen too.)


A very typical Newgrounds game and will no doubt become a signature to what this website is all about.

Dad 'n Me is actually pretty similar to Alien Hominid. The aims of killing everything you see, the artwork, controls and the whole feel of the games are both very similar. Thats not suprising considering they are made by the same people. They both follow a pretty repetative pattern of 'smash and move on' which although do not really pose much of a challange, as the Authors comments say, it is a great stress reliever. But Dad 'n Me expands so much from Alien Hominid in so many ways.

The cartoony graphics are excellent and all look very attractive and professional and although the layouts and characters design look simple, it all fits in with the fun, unserious nature of the game and just makes it more enjoyable to play. The constantly changing environment and characters whom you never see more than once in the game I found to be incredible for a flash game of just 2,690kb. It also all sounds great.
The various pick-ups of petrol barrels and lawn mowers, even soccer and basketballs was also a nice inclusion which makes this game even more playable.
Another nice little extra was the inclusion of some NG mods and animators as characters in the game. I found it quite satisfying to throw a basketball into Afro_Ninjas face as, i'm sure, many other people did.

The controls are simple and easy to use with very few problems and the inclusion of combos make these simple controls have a little more depth and allow more variety to keep everyone glued to the game.
Admitedly there is no real storyline. But really, when everything else is this good, does it matter? Evidently not.

As this is an official Newgrounds game, there obviously is alot of violence in it, but there wasn't really anything which was too disturbing. Plus, as it is a cartoon game, it is pretty hard to be disturbed by it at all. If anything, the violence in a game just attracts more people (why do think GTA is so popular?). For a game centred around beating people to a pulp and throwing patrol barrels at others, you may think my violence score is pretty low, but as i said before, it isn't really anything serious. Its all good stuff.

Overall i found this to be an excellent game which is utterly replayable. I find difficult to see how i can be improved. It is more or less perfect. Scratch that. It is perfect. It looks, sounds and plays flawlessly. Tom Fulp, as the creator of the site, should be setting an example of what should be submitted to his site from authors. Dad 'n Me does just that. This game is obviously heading towards the top 50 and i will not be suprised to see it at number 1 for weeks, even months to come and its easy to see why.

It just... works.

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I'm hooked for life.

Without a doubt the best game on newgrounds as it is. And a great way to advertise Alien Hominid. You guys are awesome!

~ Ringfinger


it was a good game...it did get a bit boring at some points tho

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4.27 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2005
11:34 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler
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