Glock Group Owns Colab

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this is gay


It was okay...

I really liked that HoodGlock fellow's submission.

:~> Meh

I wish I knew what you guys have in mind when you start making a movie like that. No, I don't mean the momment you sit in front of your computers to show the world your supra-ultra-megaflash skills and how your team "pwns" us. By "start" I mean, the time when you gather all around to make up the concept. If you do, becuase this movie doesn't seem to have any concept at all.

What's with all those guns? Blind appology to weapons and violence or just childish admiration for those bang-bang-pow-pow movies? I just don't get it. That's not funny or amusing, and I can't see any good point in that movie, except for a few well-drawn scenes.

No offense guys, there are many movies by CC that I like, but I'm just full of that empty, DailyToon-style, purposeless kind of colab... plus, you added something I really hate, which are guns and all the gratuit violence they provide.

Bring back the intelligent movies.

# Poirot #

TheGlockGroup responds:

cho r ghey

Fuck you

I hate how you got all your gay Glock friends to upvote this peice of shit. This flash is a peice of shit end of story

TheGlockGroup responds:



Whats a Glock? 5/5 cause all this collab shit always seems to pass through the portal, and some stuff was not that bad as in other collabs.

TheGlockGroup responds:

a glock is a fire arm.


Well, while there could have been some effort in making this, it fails to find any marks at all. It just simply doesn't capture anything to the clock/lock genre, and frankly, is a desperate plea for any kind of recognition. Hint: most of the pistols used were Springfield XD's, not glocks in the first place.

TheGlockGroup responds:


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2.04 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2005
6:52 PM EDT
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