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Daily 2nd, Front Page and collection page? Wow thank you guys!
Sorry that I may have gotten you a little confused but sorry... I dont reveal the true meaning that easily.

There isnt much to say about this movie. I've made it 2 weeks before my draft. It's contains some of my thoughts and ideas.
You might find it a bit short though it took me quite some time to create it.
So kick back and enjoy this window to my mind.

It will be difficult to understand for those who are not me.


this is to "long_load" who posted before me

what the FUCK makes you think that people give a SHIT that you don't like "spiritual people" does it REALLY bother you? shut the FUCk up and stay in your little-dark-shit filled corner and keep the motherfuckin shitty opinions to your self. what makes YOU so damn great? your life sucks? FIX IT. if you don't like someone's expressions then compare your self to better more open-minded people and kill your self.
have a good day

p.s. good job author. nice work

this sucks

i hate people whos all "spiritual" and shit. this was fkn boring and didnt do anything in my life. u suck

Mullet Angel?

The graphics were kinda...off. The angel's flaming feet things were the same in every scene. Meh. I know about laziness so I overlooked it. Style...o man do I hate things like this, let me guess the meaning, you don't/regret going into the military. Sound...I hated the song and that's all there was. Vilolence...just a few drops of blood and some freak with sliced hands. NO humor. Overall a 4...at BEST.

If you say this review was "abusive" or not helpful your retarded, I was fair.


That was beautiful and very haunting. It had a very dreamlike feel and also very sombre. The music complemented the peice nicley.

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A pretty good try but not good enough..

It was a pretty good flash but it could have been better i personaly think its not good enough. (But nice try)

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3.85 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2005
8:12 AM EDT