support our soldiers in i

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please support our troops in iraq


your just trying to milk some praise

But you are not getting praise from me, do you know what the true intention of bush is with iraq? no, what he's trying to do is take control of those people, not free them,they should have a right to decide whatever the hell they want, and don't even try the

Flash by devilsojii

Trick on me, id rather have nothing than something this useless, and i want to put some true effort into my first flash,practice makes perfect.

You need to understand that were fighting for a lost cause, that is why i rated so low on this, not because i hate the troops of the army

P.s. Better luck next time


As an Army Wife, I appreciated that-- a nice tribute to the soldiers. Unlike some people, I can appreciate your vid. for what it is, even though I am anti-war I won't spout off at the mouth because I realize this was meant as a tribute to the men and not neccessarily as a political message. Thank you, since my husband is in Iraq, I never can see too many of these.


Quit trying to push that on people, sure I feel bad for the soldiars, but it's because they have to listen to a stupid fucking moron (Bush)

So I close now and say "Oh Canada" woot

Hey Orog, suck me.

That was beautiful. Don't let fucking retards like "Orog" get you down. You are my hero, man. Long live the United States and her ideals.


As an animation, it sucks. It's just a sequence of images and a heartwarming song (with doubtful taste). So I will give you a low score for these.
As a political material it sucks because it only shows a "pretty" side of the war. Iraqui invasion had a lame excuse. Never was proved that it had chemical war material. And you did not show innocent iraquians tortured or killed for no reason. USA plan's for invading Iraqui was stupid. There were more american soldiers dead in Iraqui than in Vietnan. Besides, it did not stop terrorist from bombing "friedly" countries such as Spain or England.
So, for your shor view of the political greed on american invasion on Iraqui I give you a low score.
BTW, don't bother answering my review. Considering this flash, nothing that you say will interest me.

CP101FARLEY responds:

hey what do u mean besides i made this for our american soldiers

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Jul 26, 2005
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