RobotsAG Episode 1

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This is the first episode of Robots in Ancient Greece. I made it a year ago and this summer decided to make more episodes and a website. The other episodes can be found on Newgrounds.com or www.robotsag.com
P.S. It would be cool to get into the "Series" section of this site, if you know what I mean... hint hint!



That was the most boring flash Ive seen in this site. Its obcenely boring. Other than the good graphics this is a sorry waste of time. Unoriginal, stale, just pissed me off for having wasted time watching it. It wasnt funny if it aimed to be a comedy. I was just very very boooooring.

RobotsAG responds:

Hey thanks! Watch episode 2 and 3! they are better!


The graphics were pretty good, I like the drawing style, your motions need a little work. The story seemed a little disjointed and the jokes seemed forced. I think it would help a lot if you compressed the length down with the same amount of content, just cut out any lag time here and there to streamline it. The sound needs some work, I would recommend investing a little in a good microphone. Sound is much more important than most people realize. It's a start, we'll have to see what the continuing episodes look like.


This is done very well awsome job. This will make a great series. 4/5 Keep up the good work!


One question before the review.

why the fuck is it only 0.1kb. I dont know if your ready for your own series section you got a stiff crowd ahead of you mean but here is the reveiw the graphics in your movie were up to par with newground standards. Not to fluid some glitches in it but still over all you get a six on it. The style also a six i am familier with your work and your plot skills are getting better with each animation still needs that extra something for a major portal award you know. The sound was ok some things on it was annoying like the bird chirping and all that and the poop sounds not the best of quality. No violence so no reason to comment on that. One on interactivity i did have to push play good job using a preloader i found a couple things funny just the bird dying and other types of dry humor still though it did keep me watching. Over all i give it a five and i voted three. Just dry to keep the humor not so dry and more fluid animation and youll be there.

RobotsAG responds:

Hey man, thanks a lot for your review. It is only .1kb because the flash i submitted here loads the flash from my website.


Hey man you make some really good flash! Keep it up ma man!

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3.28 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2005
5:51 PM EDT
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