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Chalice (KB Game)

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Author Comments

*PLEASE PLAY BEFORE VOTING* Don't judge on filesize alone.

The Challenge:
A game in less than 10 kb.

The Result:
9999 bytes, 1111 lines of code, 7 sounds

Had 'fun' getting it down to sub-10k, but it all squeezed in eventually (like four elephants in a mini).

Click the tiles. Follow the arrows. Find the chalice. Seconds passed, and clicks, both reduce your level score. See if you can make the online scoretable...

Your questions answered:

#1: Wot crappy sonds! - It's 10 Kb, of which the audio makes less than 3 kb. What do you expect, a bloody orchestra? I spent ages making TINY sections of wavs that would create a certain pitch when looped. Appreciate my work, or I will have to kill you.

#2: How does the scoring work?! - The number of hidden arrows decreases as the levels increase. The value of each second (remaining) also increases with the levels. At the start of each level, (NUMBER OF SECONDS x VALUE OF SECONDS) + LEVEL BONUS is added to your score. With each click you make, the LEVEL BONUS drops by 10, and with each second that passes, you lose the VALUE OF SECONDS for that level (50 on level 1, rising by 25 per level).

#3: Shitty gamplay! - I'm fully aware that this won't appeal to blood-and-gore freaks. If it's not your 'usual fare', then please don't bother to review (well, you can if you want, but it'll be a waste of your time). This is for the puzzle freaks and highscore competitors out there. I'll get round to making a game where you can date/kill zombie vampire lesbians, when I can spare a little more time.

#4: Shity graphics! - EVERYTHING besides the sound is created using Actionscript. There are no pre-drawn graphics. The arrows, the chalice, the title screen, the tiles, the buttons, the text, the fireworks, are all created using lines and curves drawn by code, and dynamically-created textboxes. Please be aware of this fact when judging the graphics.

#5 2 EZ to cheat! - Get a life, and stop spoiling the fun for everyone else.

#6 It wont wrk n my PC, WTF!!! - Shame, isn't it? It's only 10 kb, play it online...

#7 THROW IT was better! - WTF, you hated that game too, STFU.

#8 All you other submission suck!!! - YES I HAVE NO TALENT, HAPPY NOW? HUH?? HUH???

#9 You suck/you game sux/my granny could do better/never touch Flash again/it bored me/where's the justice/why is this on Newgrounds/I didn't like it/etc - I REALLY CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION. NO, REALLY. I'M BEING SERIOUS. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME.

#10 Somebody set up us the bomb!! - You know what you doing.

Thanks due to these people for inspiration & beta-testing:
Rhete, BlackmarketKraig, gorman2001, icycomputer, Inglor, Rantzien, D_to_da_P, jeremysfilms, Joelasticot, 23450, no22, -Aztec-, Indian_Wrestler, SHITTYFLASHMAN, Juanny, -cherries-, -liam-, T-H, Glaiel_Gamer, BleeBlap, dELta_Luca, Atomic_Sponge, and probably some other people I forgot.

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Best below 10kb game I've ever played (I think).

In its self the game sucks lol but since it's 9999bytes it's pretty damn good.


this is really boreing....its like watered down mine sweeper its too easy...


I like, that despite the Author's comments, people are still bitching about things that are irrevelant to bitch about. Nice work, to the Author as a serious remark, and good work to the retarded reviewers sarcstically


boring... the game idea is over used so i suggest you find one more original. the graphics were bad, but i don't mind how good they are or how complex the game is if it is unique and somewhat fun. i would suggest that you apply what you know to make something that is completely original. keep on making games, ill be eager to see if you have taken my advice!

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2005
5:18 PM EDT