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Space Snail

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Author Comments

Snail related Platform Game, Help Space Snail Complete His Mission!


This doesn't get the recognition it deserves!

This is far better than loads of games that have got onto front page, and you only have about 30 reviews of it! I loved the gameplay, it was really fun. It was also a good concept having a huge space snail trying to kill all humans. I didn't manage to reach Earth, I got to the huge metal world and kept dying so I gave up. But yeah, great game!


Ultimate Snail-age!

I love it, there are numerous glitches but nothing that distracts formt he experiance of the s. snail.

At first I didn't like the fact that there was no password system or optino to save your progress, however, this has grown on me as the game feels refreshingly retro in a time where memory cards and internal saving systems are commonplace this is a nice change. It also adds a hell of a lot of replay value to the game.

The levels are interesting and varied, I like the prospect of destroying mankind and not saving it ala THQ's reent Destroy All Humans. However you say that you have been woking on this for 2 years and I would suggest you get your self a Solicoter and sue the arse of D.A.H creators!

Excellent, keep up the good work, and try and fix those little glitches.

Da-RaZZMaN responds:

Ultimate Snailage!!! Yeah it was part intentional not to have a password system, in order to piss people off retro style!

Also I probably have some kinda proof I started 2 years ago! I have a sketch book of concept art from then! The game took to so long to make because I had long frequent patches where I didn't work on it... I made a few small things in the time though. But I don't think D.A.H. stole my idea too much, no sueing just yet :P

Fucking Delightful!!!

What a smashing game, I especially enjoyed the little story at the beginning and the touch of slang whenever Space Snail received a weapon :-D

The rich variety of enemies also caught this little eye of mine, enough to grant this piece a bitchin 5!!!

Oh... and ignore all the knob'eads suggesting "improvements" they're about as "cool and happening" as the "Butt Out" rap group featured on South Park... and that's not very cool at all ;-)

Da-RaZZMaN responds:

quite right Hannie_Girl! knob'eads suggesting "improvements" are about as cool as the forementioned rap group!

When space snail jumps, his center must land on the object to make it! But if any part of him touches an enemy he gets hurt. Its unfair, but so is his struggle to achieve his simple goal.

Not bad

Not bad at all. Some problems I found were that the hitTest wasn't working too well, and the jumping was sometimes glitchy. But otherwise, pretty good! Keep it up!

its alright but..

theres lots of glitches, like sometimes you'll get stuck in a wall and you can be way away from an attack and still get hit and when i got to the part where i think i saw a pistol it went to some scene and then brought me back to the main menu and i had to start over. so needs improvement

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Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2005
2:13 PM EDT
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