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yesterday was the 25th daily 2oon, but zero forgot to mention that cause hes a fag. this is the 26th. were over 1/4 done. assuming we stop at 100 again. i have no clue

astropuff aubergine actionmes brother and cloned illusion okkkkk

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well, it is the first time that I see a part in this "dailytoon" where I see a good animation and especially the part of astropuff, that I really did not expect to see a part of a collaboration that was on this page and especially that collaboration It is from a music video that unfortunately was already erased by copyright, which really hurts, because that collaboration I used to see it, right here before it was removed ;_;

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This was really awsome. It had some nice animeish style and who doesnt love that. There was even some nice pop in it.

THis one was cool. I liked the tweened rainbow background. It was really trippy. ANd the charecters in this one were drawn cool and cartoonishly. An average movie.

This wasnt that good. It started off with a not good movie and then you just made a fake error thing that lasted way to long without a back button.

THis was incredibly bad. Not only was it just a flashing picture of a dog but it never ends. WHy the hell do you not put in back buttons star sydicate. Are you stupid or something.

Good daily2oon

This is the best daily2oon by far that I have ever seen. But I hated actionmes brother's part. How dare you insult Lassie!? That is the best book series i have ever read!

Another great daily toon...

..and i think cloned_illusion's was supposed to be an imitation opening of Evangelion- i dunno, in case most of you were confused

XD < On July 26- screw it, everyone wins!

This is THE best Daily2oon yet. I loved all of it.