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Peg Jumping Game

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First I would like to thank Tom Fulp for helping me with some of the coding. Without him, I would still be sitting here trying to figure it out. Thanks Tom. (This took me 5 days to figure all the coding out) Sorry for the graphics not being super cool or any thing.

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This game is hard

This was a nice Peg game, but I couldn't find the instructions anywhere besides Google. I've never done something like this, so this is pretty unique, and I couldn't figure it out in a reasonable amount of time so I guess you beat me here. Maybe I'll come back later though.

Edit: finally beat it once, so detection works on all ends.

Anyway. I was actually kind of looking for the peg game on a bigger board. This is coincidentally the same exact size and geometry of as in the currently most recent flash release of the prequel webcomic (http://www.prequeladventure.com/2014/03/aggy-extrapolate/). I came from there to here because I was actually thinking I'd find something else but nope, the same thing. Though I like how I can choose which peg to start missing at least, at least that's different. But really, it would be nice if you could also choose a board size or even geometry as well (you've got hexagonal geometry - perhaps other tessellations should be options). The solution I came up with is - well, in that you're constrained to have 11 be the one removed to start with - but you jump 2-7, 9-8, 4-3, 14-12, 5-9, 13-11, 6-10, 15-13, 12-8, 2-3, 10-7, 4-3, 1-2. That isn't the only way, there's symmetry left to right, and then the first 4-3 can also happen before 9-8 (do it on the 2nd move), or after 14-12, or after 5-9, you can put it off as long as right before 12-8 (do it on the 8th move). The 13-11 can also be done earlier, as early as the 3rd move, or the 4th, or the 5th or the 6th as it is. 7 viable choices for the first 4-3 and 4 for 13-11, but only 20, not quite 28 because 8 of them were counted twice, and then reflection symmetry. There are therefore at least 40 different ways to do it starting from peg 11 missing. It simply needs a bigger board. I wouldn't be able to examine it so exhaustively with my puny damaged mind if there was an option to play it on a bigger board.

FORTUNATELY, this one actually works. One of the peg game search results on newgrounds doesn't work at all. And it's fairly simple, and it does have ONE option, choosing the peg to start removed. That doesn't make it completely trivial to try all the possibilities of the game. But it'd be a lot cooler if you could change the size and geometry.

It's amazing, how atypical I am in terms of taste. I find these things that no one else has played or commented on in the better part of a decade. I would have thought there would be others like me but apparently not, everyone else just does what's popular at the moment, I'm the only renegade. It seems that way at least. August 26, 2006, the last comment. If I could go back to then.... wow. Well, why stop there, I'd pick 10 years before that if I had my choice of times to go back to and undo. Maybe a month before that. July of 1996. Yeah. Nothing that went really really wrong for me happened until after that. Anyway. First comment in a long long time. All I wanted to say there.

i cant figure it out

all i can do is take out a peg then click on two other pegs can somebody help me out here?

Frank2982 responds:

At the beginning of the game it asks you to take out a peg, I usually take out peg 15. Then you click on a peg you want to move. It turns yellow. This lets you know that peg is the selected one. Then you click on a black area which is supposed to be an empty space. If it is a valid move then the peg gets moved. You have to "JUMP" a peg over another for it to be a valid move. K?

its actually pretty good

besides the poor graphics and the lack of sound, this was nice. If you spent a little more time on it, this could be something really good.

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2.98 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2001
3:12 PM EDT