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This belongs in the Newground's History page

It's so complicated in it's simplicity. It is like a commentary into our very lives and shows a clear contrast of the line between good and evil.

The art direction of this marvel is simply astounding! You can just tell there has been an immense amount of love and care (not to mention work) placed into this flash.

This flash is one for the ages.

Very mysterious... :D

As you said, it is a little bit confusing but non-the-less very appealing. The "masked" people I thought looked pretty cool XD And the music was a pretty good choice too.

Good job on this, and good luck with your movie ^^


that was great, i so def cant wait for the next part to come out


Looks like it could be something great. Hope you work with it and turn it into a series or something, can't wait!!

Good One

Bleak... such is life. There is one way to enjoy life, and that is to simply discard painful things... and learn how trivial they really are.