MGS: TAS Episode 1

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EDIT Again: Wow, front page and daily 4th... I LOVE YOU GUYS!

EDIT: There ARE infact some bugs, I'll sort them out ASAP.
Thanks to everyone who has watched and made usful comments on this movie, I'll stop replying to your comments now, because I'm just typing the same thing over and over, I will keep reading your comments, and I will reply if I have something other than "Thanks" to say; Much appreciated.
It's finally done! Wahoo!
Incase you haven't noticed, it ends after he meets Ocelot, that's because me and Ste are making loads of episodes, which end when they meet a new boss (Unless it's really short, in which case we'll do it to the boss after that).
It helps if you know the plot to Metal Gear Solid 1 (Or the Twin Snakes), you'll probably like it then.
Sorry to jump on the MGS bandwagon, guys, but me and Ste have had loads of ideas about this for... A very long time. There are 2 easter eggs in this movie, and if you don't find any, I will be very angry.
There is probably more I need to tell you, but I've forgotten.
Length: 6:09
I hope you like it.



This was great, I haven't seen a style this unique (which is good) since NALO. It was hilarious and everything. For all you that see this, watch the sequel.


ignort the last guy he was a "noob"

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This was really funny and enjoyed it in great amounts! It's going into my favorites!

Good parody.

Good computer game humor is always appreciated! And this submission is one of examples of it. Graphics might be better, but at least it's original. At least you leave yourself room for improvement :)

Good, but you need to work on the graphics

This submission is a good example of the fact that you can make a great series, even if your graphic quality isn't the best. If you work on the graphics a little, then it'll be the extra bit better. :3

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3.89 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2005
5:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody