black ninja characters

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edit: ok. people kept making such an isue about what i said before. i was mad when i wrote that. what i really meant to say is that if you wanna tell me that i suck, tell me WHY i suck. dont just say that i suck just for the hell of it, cause thats not a valid review.
PS: this is MOUSE DRAWN. i didnt have a tablet when i made this

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The highscoring is all credited to your ability to animate frame-by-frame very cleanly. I think I read somewhere that you have a tablet? - That would explain it. So, if I were you, I would use this talent to it's full extent. I'm not exactly sure how to do that, but you have to have the following points:
- Good concept
- Well done and clean animation
- Good voice acting. (With an average microphone that doesn't crack)
- Background music
- Full colour
- Humour
- Originality

And I think you'd be set! Now, I'm not trying to make you feel obligated to do so, but I'm sure it would be a success if you really put your mind to it. Good luck, though!

KenSkaii responds:

im working on a bigger project, and it definately has all of those pointers. I'm not sure about the microphone though, but i can try to fix it. thanks for your review

Eh, it was cute...

Not bad, looked kinda cool, I like the drawing style. You gotta start makin longer ones my friend! *_*

KenSkaii responds:

yea the longer ones are a lot better, but i wanted to see how my comics would look as a flash, so i started with the shortest one

it was ok

i liked it, gave u a 4 cuz it was pretty damn good, and bout u sayin bout the blammers bein ppl who dont have flash, have u LOOKED at some of the POSes that arnt even FLASH on there? i blamed something that was a picture of barney with someone screaming into thier mic, seriously, some of the shyt just is like.. phhh stupid, and not all ppl can AFFORD to get flash either, and/or have the time to do it all the time, so dont just run ur mouth on ur flash animation, especially if its not PERFECT, besides that, good job on this, few sound issues but i cant say antyhing on it cuz i gotta replace my speakers, and a lil choppy in some spots

KenSkaii responds:

thanks for the critique. what i dont like is when blammers just say "you suck" just for the hell of it. you gota tell me WHY it sucked. and yeah, some people who do flash here dont even deserve to do it, like the example you showed

Very good

I like it, because it has good graphics and is peacefull.

KenSkaii responds:

thanks for watching! more to come soon

Make it loooonger!

I liked the art, but the animation was pointless.. and very short.

And about the blammers thing, if you dont want it to happen, then dont submit your work! Its very simple.. and keeps everything more peaceful that way, although there are idiots here, not everyone is one.

KenSkaii responds:

i like it when people criticize my stuff. i just dont like people wo say "you suck" just for the hell of it. tell me WHY it sucked, please

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3.49 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2005
3:52 PM EDT
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