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Another Glock Group Production. Vote fairly, and enjoy.

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Very true

I liked the message expressed in this movie.
As well as the animation.


You're a bunch of hipocrites. You made a movie 'aww let's all get along <3' yet whenever a group pops up you do everything imaginable to take it down. A bit sad really. Now:

I gave it a seven in graphics, because it looked nice, detailed and overall effort was put into it. Style: 5. I must say my appreciation for the Glocks has cooled down a bit. Sound: 5. Some speakonia voices and a classic 'EDN' sound. Violence and interactivity do not apply. Humor: 9, I was amused how you want <3 from clocks and newgroundites although you do a lot of things that make you impopular. Overall: 8, a swell, finished work. I could only suggest making it more interesting by, for instance, adding a huge flamefest between Badegg and Etnies. I hope you continue doing flash as this wasn't half bad and wish you the best.

You've got the <3 from one group at least, although it's a bit cooled.

-Ace of Spades.



hmmm it was ok

good job but it was too short. it was funny though

I like the message of getting along but...

This was the worst Glock Group thing I saw. So the score for my likes and dislikes...
Glock Group and Lock Legion both have lots I like and/or love, and a small number of dislikes/hates.
Clock Crew 50/50 in my book.
All in all, I have as much respect for the Glock Group as I do for the Lock Legion. I hope that the other stuff I watch from you guys are not bad like this. I don't wan't to say that you guys are worse than the Clock Crew.

Television-Man responds:

Too Long Didn't Read.

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2005
1:49 PM EDT
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