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Asteroid Warning

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Disaster strikes the airways!

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Put sum sound in this and it'll go far

not bad

really random, better than anything i make though

Hobos are my friends

This movie was so good, I watched it until my brains turned into goo and started coming out my ears. My pet cat Tumour (because he has a big tumour on his head from some disease or something but I don't feel like taking him to the vet I'd rather just keep eating his legs off) started eating my brain goop and then made sweet love to my anus.


JackieChan responds:

Seriously, best review I've ever read.

You've done it again!

You wove a master tale of tragedy and heartbreak. I felt as if I was there with the pilots in their last terrifying moments!

JackieChan responds:

Yet another great review.

very poorly done

the whole pulsing thing was really annoying, and you spelled words wrong. you have talent, try to be a little more creative and you'll go farther than barely evading a blam, if you survive that is.

JackieChan responds:

ok thanks for the comments