Bad Aftertaste

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This really is only for TRANSFORMERS FANS (with a sense of humour), if you know nothing about Transformers, Gobots or Unicron, U probably won't get it. I've received quite a few negative comments from people who didn't know what was going on. Originally a short comic strip (hence it being VERY short), it has a few hidden jokes, but it's not meant to be fully interactive. I did it a while ago, but due to technical and sound timing issues (Flash is stupid), I just left it alone for a while, this is the finished version (mY WoRk iS NevEr FIniSheD!). If something goes wrong it's probably cos your PC isn't fast enough (I know mine isn't) or something weird. If it doesn't work right, try putting the movie at medium quality. There are a few secrets to find too. Have fun :-)

For those of you who still don't get it, read on... if you haven't watched it yet, come back later.

He think's he's eaten Cybertron (parody name - Sortbetron) but he's actually eaten Gobotron.

EDIT: After years I got around to putting the updated version online. It has an extra scene featuring some much 'loved' characters ;-P


wha ?

looks real good but...what it mean ?


Im sorry for saying this, but what in the hell was that?? i really dont understand what it was getting at...it had no real point and the credits where way longer than the animation was. So does this mean your movie was just words fading in and out? becuase i hope not. The frame rate seemed a little choppy, you might try speeding that up. The sound was alright i guess, didnt like it to much although i did like the voice overs. This movie had no style(i didnt know what it was about) to give it anything there. No violence. No interactivity. Low, low humor. This movie was just confusing none the less, and i really did not like how the credits were so long. Some of that stuff didnt even need to be put in. I was also hoping that those were the interducing credits and the real movie would start after those got over, but i was wrong. Try a little harder.

DeadCaL responds:

Humour: Again, its a Transformers movie for Transformers fans... you won't get it otherwise.
Animation: 24 Frames per second works perfectly for most people
Violence: Are you kidding?
Interactivity: Is that legally required?


what the hell? im horribly confused, was the whole point of that just to look at a robot sitting in space with a laser eye? surely there was somthing more than that? hello?

DeadCaL responds:

Read previous response.

where's the joke?

comedy definantly isnt one of your strong suits. not exactly sure how you can fix that...

DeadCaL responds:

If your not a Transformers fan then of course you won't get the joke. I hate reviews like this..


Amazing visuals, great story and funny!
But where is the Bros or Phil collins? I'm sorry but without Bros or Uncle Phil I can't give higher than a 1.

DeadCaL responds:

Err, what?

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3.43 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2005
2:38 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody