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!MK- The parody-Episode2!

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**Edit READ!! - Thanks to ppl wanted a 3rd episode i worked my butt off to get the 3rd episode up and going...and its almost done, Should be submitted 23rd December about 9 or 10p.m (UK Timezone)
**WATCH EPISODE 1 FIRST (and plz vote/review it)
m/portal/view/246239 <<<< Episode 1
and Plz vote.review this flash movie

Well, took me long enough but it's here
the sequel to my MK parody that alot of ppl liked.
Plz vote/review
Enjoy : D



make 3 man it's so funny

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that was great man!!!!!

i gotta tell ya ive seen a lot of flashes in my life....but this 1 is 1 of the most best flashs ive ever seen...when do u think ull b able to mak the next? ill hav my review for the first episode when i no what to say for it..alright? and also....what ia that song that starts when Johnny Cage fights the Elite NOOB(ultimaly loses to Elite)?
that song u no...right? "Shake that ass,bitch and let me see what u got....i think thats how it goes right?anyway when are u goin to mak the next one and whats the name of that song?? hmmmmm???

Jinetik responds:

thanks for the review.
Well to answer u song question.....I dont know to be honest. One of my friends was helping me with the movie and i asked him for a funny song and he sent me this sample of a shake ass song, he showed me it used in another flash movie, cant remember wot site though. As for the 3rd episode.
The 3rd episode does exist (unfinished)
but due to bad communication with voice actors and less motivation, I doubt it will ever be finished.
anyway glad u liked it.


Shake that ass bitches let me see what cha got (repeats about 5 times)

That Tickled



and to the guy below me reptile was the guy getting his ass kicked by the Elite noob after he defeats liu kang 32 minutes and 12 seconds later i dont really get why J2K asked where he was but anywaaay nice mortal kombat spoof one of the bests! and the ending was funny and noob has actually3 colors(blue black and silver) not that anyone cares but it was cool and all in all 5\5 10\10

p.s whats with the reptile question?

Jinetik responds:

haha I guess that was a little confusing since I used reptile in this movie (the more newer version of reptile than the one I used in the first movie)

I was meaning "have u seen him?" towards the reptile head that wouldnt shutup in the first movie.

I was just reminding people about the First movie who may have bothered to watch it :p

thanks for the scores XD

Kick ass parody

Excelsior. Both are excellent. The only thing it is missing is a Replay? thing at the end, or maybe a scene selection. We have to close it and re-open to watch it again :(
Do us all a favor and continue making these! :)

Jinetik responds:

lol sorry about that, im still learning flash so you'll have to excuse that ; )

Thanks : D

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4.19 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2005
11:01 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody