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The cursed scarecrow

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Dunno what I was thinking with this one. Back when I had just my mouse, really early in the morning. Ah well its good for a laugh I suppose.


I like...

It was ok actually... and the Donnie Darko (great soundtrack) music really added to it... keep it up, aye ^_^

pretty good

very very good use of the suspense (i cant spell) and the scarecrow was one freaky mo'fo. Anyway make some more toons with suspense and stuff. Bloody good job :)


well....its good enough i guess...jst gotta work on it though...but...aint it aint so bad..

Well, I did not Blam this.

It needs alot of work, but does have promise. You should have put the scarecrow in the car and have him do his business there. Or have the kid become a scarecrow too. Try harder next time.

Human-soup responds:

hmm theres so much i could have done but i apreciate your opinion it really was a rush job though i promise next time ill put more time and effort in oh and thanks for not blamming

I dont get it!!!

This is probably the most pointless and stupid movie I have ever watched. Its like watching flies F**K!!!!!

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2.33 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2005
1:28 AM EDT
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