Freds Adventure

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Front Page. Thanks to those who appreciated this. Remember talking to people will unlock things or go back to places you haven't been for a while. Most reported glitches were NOT actually glitches and the real glitches have been fixed!! sponsored by gamesofgondor.com

Freds Adventure is a crazy quest game where you must interact with every level to complete the game. It requires a fair bit if thought so if you can't handle it there is a walkthrough provided in the help section. After completing the game you are rewarded with the viewing of the final movie sequence!!


nice one..!!

finally, i've got this one..!!
took me for a long time..
but i find the ending funny though..lolz;p
imagine all the things he'd gone through just because of looking for that shitty bicycle of him..haha!!c",)
anyway, i somehow enjoyed this one..
don't believe the ratings though..*laughs

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good game!

i liked it so much...any way... i just wanna say.... spider pig, spider pig, doeshatever a spiderpig does,can he swing from a web? no he cant hes a pig. spider pig!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Casper for creating such a fun game. Omg - it reminds me of the good ol days with Kings Quest. You must have spent a lot of time creating this masterpiece.
I was sad when the game ended - I WANT MORE.
Plz everyone - don't give this game a low score just because u don't like adventure games - it doesn't deserve that.

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lucky player

killerfeline ur the lucky player today and ill tell u how to beat hell first u talk to the old women get the jewel then u talk to the hanged skeliton in the same place then click the jewel in the lave then u go to the locker room and look in every one and one has grim reaper clothes the u take it then put it on then u go to the place where theres to guys guarding the exit and then thell let u in and thats how u are lucky killerfeline that ur the lucky player today hope u injoy it

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i finish the game! and this game is nice......but in the first i didn't understand how to play it and i search the walkthrought and easy to play!! :)

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3.83 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2005
12:46 PM EDT
Adventure - Other