Talon VS Salocin - Part 1

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Thankyou everyone for the Daily Feature!! AND FRONTPAGE

Just to clear one thing up, as stated, this is the first part of an animation battle between me (Talon) and Salocin, another animator. Salocin will be animating part 2, and then I will be animating part 3 etc. until the story has ended.

This was fully animated and designed by me and is the highest quality flash made by me yet. I'd like to thank Lucien Dodge for his outstanding voice acting performance, Nanoko Studios for his excellent music contribution, and the band my brother is (OMIT) in for letting me use one of their songs.

Original Animation Battle idea by JAE.

PS. Yes I realise Atsuya's hair style makes him resemble Spike, also it’s only the first part, and you can be sure that story will develop more as each part is completed. I put allot of work into this so please don’t vote low just because of that.



that was crap...right at the end when it kinda got good the "to be continued" came up,maybe the second one won't suck as much.

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not original

i hate these types of flash.people think they can make a good flash by having good drawings thats are not really even animated. the charecters dont really move that much its like a slide.plus they never really fight all of a sudden one person just dies.also dont put it on if its not done. i hate that to be continued sh!t.It also makes me mad to see people dig it.


nice use of burn tool in the backgrounds, cockass.

wow... nothing happened...

that... was possibly the WORST beginin toa series ever. the art was great, but u did nothing for ur story by A. having no fight scenes, B. not giving any background WHAT SO EVER. (in a series this is esential), and C. nothing made sense because of the huge lack of B= no back ground. by this i mean, who was the dude in the red koma(or however it's spelt), and why did he have to die and what did he mean by legacy and, and, and, AND! too many ands.. get the point? great, u can make suspense, but nobody wants to watch part 2 if it's anything like part one. better luck next time pal. BUT UR art is amazing, just hire a writer, thats all.

I don't know

The movie was to small buy i like it! You just tried to imitate chinese movies!! But the movie was pretty cool continue men you have the talente!!

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3.96 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2005
10:58 AM EDT